Sightings Fields

Quote this time I had a plan for hunting, I put a simple style because I wanted to photograph in the outdoor.but i get hard to find the right place. fortunately my friend ever knew a good place for hunting. we were there, a small road, where remote place bit it's quite beautiful, and I like it.

the place was rather quiet, but every time someone passed the road they always obvious as to never see people who taking photo haha "just still cool"

at the top I use a small belt to enhance the hair, maybe you could say it's a bit strange, hehe

I use rope closed shoes with heels a bit high. but I feel comfortable to walk

what do you think about this?

i put any bracelets, a watch, and any rings so as impressed not empty in the hand
emm, I think I saw this picture a little bit horror, do you think so?

i like this place, i like this view, i like an atmosphere, mild calm. end.

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  1. Hey Della, this is the co-founder of Wikifashion. How can I get in contact with you? I want to invite you to do our blogger tag :)

  2. hi, are you really? :) what do you think if we get in contact via email? :)