Neon Orange

wohoo! This is one of my stitching clothes, people! I feel a little proud by myself, although it's not too neat haha. But this skirt was made by my mom, so i just make clothes to match this skirt.
i've choosing neon color for this, so i put orange in this shirt and white to color combinations.
I know this color's disliked by many people and therefore, i liked it ^^
i wore white shoes with short heels, a ring, a wristwatch for accessories

this picts taken by meliestra permatasari 


MYUKIT's first video

hooaah! tonight i couldn't sleep, people! minutes to minutes, i was bored. so me and my friend making crazy videos haha. because tonight my closefriend, Tiara, slept to my home. What's MYUKIT? it's the name for our. why it could be MYUKIT? that's from lemyu(me)+kitir(tiara). and it was made suddenly, just to give a name to our video haha.
how's our video? cekidooot!! ^^

kalo video yang ini masih sedikit hangat soalnya baru dibuat beberapa jam yang lalu haha


semoga nggak bosen liatnya dan nggak tertular ke kalian ya haha ^^


Epi Walk

last holiday, i went to jakarta with my brother. we take off from solo by plane and go back home with road trip. it's about one week we were there.

we had lunch in Yoshinoya Japanese restaurant pasar festival kuningan. it's Japan's no.1 beef bowl in Indonesia, so we want to try it ^^

yakiniku beef bowl, teriyaki chicken bowl, ebi fry, egg roll, combo bowl, ocha (ice).
delicious at all. and i think this is testier than hokben haha. you should try it ^^

after we've full, we went to Rasuna Epicentrum, because it's just around there. I think this is like a small town that the most clean and tidy in Jakarta. There're bakrie tower, hotel, apartment, offices, hospital, elite club, epi walk, the biggest cinema XXI in jakarta, Bakrie university, etc. Good development for jakarta. i just tell you a little bit about bakrieland, and i don't have any picture there because we may not taking picture there. So i just upload my look haha

 although Jakarta is polluted, trafficjam, etc. but still make me become missing it.

photo by Alpha yustikano


Flowers and Summer

hellooo!! i'm back! long time hasn't been sent post! so i'm back! i see, the last time i'v posting in march, that's already six months i didn't send post and now i'm missing my blog :' Emm, by the way, last march i've sitting in 2nd grade yeah, and now i'm sitting in last grade senior high school. Times run very fast, now i'm in third grade. So i must to try and try for war in future. Wish me luck, people! ^^

Summer. actually i don't like this season because the air in the morning and evening is very cold reached 17 degrees but in midday is really hooot! i feel the shinning sun is stinging on me. So one day i went to a place that's many flowers there. i think it's a little bit beautiful, yeah! only this is how flowers in summer around me. there's no more beautiful flowers in the springtime.

long dress and long sleeves (but it can be used mini dress because at the waist down that skirt more narrow so that's like wearing tight skirt) a hat with flowers motive, two rings, colorfull bag, and short platforms shoes
i guess all of them can make summer become more colorfull.

photoworks by LiDe photograph