Epi Walk

last holiday, i went to jakarta with my brother. we take off from solo by plane and go back home with road trip. it's about one week we were there.

we had lunch in Yoshinoya Japanese restaurant pasar festival kuningan. it's Japan's no.1 beef bowl in Indonesia, so we want to try it ^^

yakiniku beef bowl, teriyaki chicken bowl, ebi fry, egg roll, combo bowl, ocha (ice).
delicious at all. and i think this is testier than hokben haha. you should try it ^^

after we've full, we went to Rasuna Epicentrum, because it's just around there. I think this is like a small town that the most clean and tidy in Jakarta. There're bakrie tower, hotel, apartment, offices, hospital, elite club, epi walk, the biggest cinema XXI in jakarta, Bakrie university, etc. Good development for jakarta. i just tell you a little bit about bakrieland, and i don't have any picture there because we may not taking picture there. So i just upload my look haha

 although Jakarta is polluted, trafficjam, etc. but still make me become missing it.

photo by Alpha yustikano

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